Stidham Old Time Music Gathering

Old Time Music Competitions



Old Time Music Competitions

Contests will begin at 10:00 am on Saturday, July 27
(No Entry Fee!)

Adult Banjo, Fiddle, and String Band Prizes

1st place $200
2nd place $100
3rd place $50

Youth Banjo, Fiddle, and String Band Prizes

1st place $100
2nd place $50
3rd place $25

Contest Rules:

REGISTRATION: All contestants must report to the information booth during the registration time for their contest. Contestants must be backstage and ready to perform when they are called. If not present, they will be disqualified.

CONTEST CATEGORIES: Contestants are invited to enter all individual categories, but are not allowed to play in more than one string band.

TUNES: Contestants and bands need to be prepared to play one tune/song in the preliminaries and two additional pieces should they be selected as a finalist. Medley-style selections will not be judged. Tunes should be kept under 3 minutes. No electrical instruments or devices.

ACCOMPANISTS: Contestants entering old-time fiddle and old-time banjo categories may have no more than two accompanists.

INSTRUMENTATION: To be judged, contestants in the band contests must consist of at least three but not more than seven members. Bands competing in the traditional band contest should use instruments normally found in old-time bands.

JUDGING CRITERIA: Contestants in all traditional categories will be judged on rhythm/timing, tonal qualities, expression/soul, difficulty, and old-time style (20% each), with highest scores going to traditional old-time tunes/songs played in a traditional old-time style. Highest scores will go to bands that creatively and skillfully combine fundamental elements of traditional old-time music (e.g., repertoire, style/spirit, instrumentation).

Youth Bands: All band members in the youth category of traditional band and neo-traditional band must be 18 years old or under.

WINNERS: To receive payment, contest winners’ financial paperwork must be completed and submitted by the end of the festival.

LYRICS: Contestants must keep lyrics appropriate for family audiences.

ACCIDENTS: Accidents beyond the control of the contestant (e.g. broken strings) may result in a replay if the judges so merit.

FINALITY: Decisions by the judges will be final and score sheets will not be shared with contestants or made public.

RECORDING: The festival will be photographed, recorded (audio and/or video), bands and individuals will be asked to sign a performance release form.